Our Methods

Protellus embraces agile methods and user-centricity. In enhancing our guiding methods of Sustainable Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup, we are constantly adopting new and proven approaches to lead our partner organizations’ projects to success. Methodological openness is a clear premise for this.

As Europe’s frontrunning founded agency for design thinking in the sustainability sector, Protellus has deliberately retained this methodological principle as a guiding principle.

Thanks to Design Thinking, not only can innovative products and services be developed, but established ways of thinking and working in organizations can also be broken up. Teamwork is improved and, at the same time, valuable solutions can be developed in an appealing working environment. Design Thinking is highly user- and target group-oriented. This ensures that the user is not omitted, instead real needs are satisfied.

The Design Thinking method is based on the work process of designers while going far beyond aesthetic needs. The process is flexible and iterative.

The place for creative efficiency is an attractive and flexible work environment. Work is done in teams as diverse as possible, of 4 to 6 people. Multidisciplinary and cross-cutting teams provide a wide range of know-how and more importantly, a broad range of problem solving strategies.
The way we use Design Thinking at Protellus places an additional focus on sustainable solutions. With new methods and a Sustainability Mindset, we enrich the Design Thinking World.