UNLEASH: Mentorship for international entrepreneurs for sustainable development

Protellus co-founder Kilian Karg is active in the UNLEASH Plus program as a mentor.

“It is a pleasure to be able to be a mentor for the recent international cohort of UNLEASH Plus teams, offering them knowledge and experience!” “Mentorship it is a wonderful way to erase blind spots, and getting new perspectives for fields of action in which you already have built up “expertise”.”

With the engagement of Kilian, the experience of Protellus finds it’s way in the UNLEASH program. On the other hand, we are happy to get new inspirations from the UNLEASH methodologies and also topic related insights from the projects Kilian is mentoring.
The mentored team members primarily come from Brazil and Sri Lanka. The teams work on work on regional an international relevant topics such as social enterprise projects for sustainable sponge farming in coastal regions and a sustainability evaluation and communication platform.

The tailored and interactive 6-month program of UNLEASH Plus accelerates teams with an early prototype into a launchable solution, that creates a positive and meaningful impact and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The holistic program approach is full of tailored learning, mentoring, and funding opportunities.

After being selected to be one of one thousand international innovators in the UNLEASH Innovations Lab for the SDGs in Singapore 2018, Kilian Karg is involved in the think tank like innovation community in various roles, e.g. during the organization and facilitation of the first virtual hackathon series on Covid-19 in the beginning of the pandemics in March 2020.

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