Let’s stay at home – and agile.

Agility, open, problem-focused and solution-oriented thinking, sustainability and setting the focus on the user is particularly important in turbulent times – such as we are experiencing currently.

In Design Thinking we are used to work with “extreme users” and “design constraints” to come up with new ideas. In an analogue way, the current special circumstances and restrictions offer the chance to find new, innovative ways for the future.

With all the challenges, personal limitations and expected personal suffering that Corona / COVID-19 is going to bring, we also have to assess this crisis as an opportunity for sustainable development. For example, the air traffic that is currently reduced to a minimum and the restriction of the freedom of movement means short-term CO2 savings but also forces our thinking into new directions that would previously have unthinkable.

It has been possible to conduct conferences, events and training courses digitally for a long time already. Until now, the fears of technical feasibility and the constraint of being “not equally good” to analogue – offline – solutions were key reasons why virtual offerings were made by only a few. So far, diversity in a range of individuality in the offers has been lost. This is currently changing – and agility is key.

In our various partnerships and projects, we make our contributions and rely increasingly on virtual offerings for training, moderation and remote consultancy. As before, we will meet the new challenges in a flexible and ambitious way. We work in an iterative way and develop our offerings continuously.

We feel prepared for (almost) everything for the coming months. For everything else, we will find the best possible solution in the team at short notice.

Certainly well known, but always good to remember: The Greek word “krisis” does not stand for a hopeless situation but for the climax or turning point of a dangerous situation.

Conclusion: Let’s stay at home – and agile.

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